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Our responsibility

The world around us is beautiful and at the same time so fragile. It is our responsibility to preserve it and make sure that future generations can still enjoy an authentic safari in Africa. For this reason, Ajabu Adventures has taken a number of initiatives and supports various local projects. This is how we engage in creating a positive impact through responsible private safaris. And don’t forget to check out our sustainable travel tips for you!

Protection of the Ngorongoro lions

Although Tanzania is one of the best places to see lions in the wild, these animals are critically endangered. Did you know that they have lost more than 90% of their historic range in the last century?

We have therefore been partnering with KopeLion. A local non-profit organization that creates sustainable ways for the local communities to live in harmony with the surrounding wildlife and protects the Ngorongoro lions. For every person that travels with Ajabu Adventures, part of the travel sum with be contributed directly to KopeLion.

Reducing our carbon footprint with Carbon Tanzania

To conserve the nature around us, we must preserve the cultural heritage of the local tribes and stop deforestation. This means emit less carbon dioxide and at the same time remove excess carbon from the atmosphere.

Whilst we encourage you to exchange the safari vehicle for environmental-friendly transport as well, we closely work with Carbon Tanzania to offset the unavoidable emission from your safari. We do this by investing in their Yaeda Valley project that saves old-growth forests while human rights of the ancient tribes that depend on these ecosystems remain respected.

Private safaris off the beaten track

Although Tanzania is full of beautiful highlights, we take pleasure in challenging ourselves to find remote, untouched places that are hardly visited by anyone else. And offer you the perfect combination during your private safari.

Visit Mama Yamath and her Maasai family, who live deep into the bush in the Rift Valley. Where no road passes and where you will easily get lost if you don’t know the area. Explore the desolate but magical surroundings of Lake Natron, or the rugged wilderness of southern Tanzania. And discover the hidden gem of Pemba Island in the Indian Ocean, with its deserted beaches and untouched coral reefs.

Unlike many other safari companies, our guides do not carry a radio in the car. This is a deliberate decision by our team, to avoid that your safari experience is being disturbed by the continuous radio talk. But more importantly, our safari guides do not want to go where everyone is going.

We plan our own route. Where others go left, our safari guides turn right. They enjoy the challenge of finding wild animals with only you, and observing them peacefully, with as little other cars as possible. This is another small effort from our side to minimize the impact on our national parks.

Sustainable safari lodges

When crafting your safari itinerary, we carefully select accommodations that not only match your personal interest and budget, but also offer an extraordinary and unique touch. A place that is more than just a room but has a heart and soul.

An accommodation with a special story. A locally owned guesthouse that is situated in an extraordinary location. Small scale safari camps that are engaged in conservation efforts, or boutique hotels that have been constructed by using local and recycled materials.

In the national parks we encourage you to sleep “under canvas” as it truly enhances your safari experience. Moreover, these tented camps minimalize their environmental impact, yet offering you the greatest comfort in the wilderness.

Connecting with local communities

A visit to a country does not gain any depth if you don’t connect with the local people. And vice versa, your visit will have no added value for them.

During your safari you have the chance to stop at a local souvenir shop, as we stay away from the large commercial shopping centers.
This way you will support small local entrepreneurs and craftsmen. In each trip we will also offer you the opportunity to eat in a small, local restaurant in the middle of a village. A perfect way to taste the traditional food and experience the village life.

For cultural activities like a village walk or mountain bike tour we always use the service of a local guide. Someone who has been born and raised there and who takes pride in showing you his neighborhood.

Meet a traditional Maasai family

Another perfect example of how we connect with local communities in a responsible way is our cooperation with the Yamath family. Whilst we ignore the large commercial Maasai bomas, we rather go off the beaten track to introduce you to one of the most friendly Maasai families that we know.

Our valued relationship goes back to more than 10 years ago. Yamath himself, a Maasai warrior, worked as an “askari” (guard) for Ajabu Adventures. When he decided to go back to his village again, he opened his home. Since then, the Yamath family have always warmly welcomed our guests. This makes your visit to the Maasai family not only an amazing and exclusive experience but also directly supports their standard of living.

Our support to the local community in Mto wa Mbu

In the past years, we invested in a number of community projects near the village of Mto wa Mbu, at the shores of Lake Manyara.

We created a large water hole of 10,000 m² to ensure that the cattle of the neighboring Maasai, including the Yamath family, could always access water. Even in the dry periods.

In addition, we built a road connecting two major populated areas within Mto wa Mbu and a pathway from the Rift Valley down to the village. This helps the locals to travel from the mountain to the market with their cows.

“It’s not the destination but the journey that matters.”

— Ralph Waldo Emerson

Eco friendly transport

Whilst our 4WD safari vehicles are comfortable and perfectly suited for photographic safaris, with large windows and a pop-up roof, we welcome you to also come out of the car and explore Tanzania in a different way!

Stretch your legs on a guided safari walk and discover the hidden beauties of nature, which you otherwise would have passed unnoticed. Go canoeing on a crater lake or stream down the Rufiji River while watching elephants coming for a drink. Enjoy a glimpse of the village life with a nature walk or adventurous mountain bike tour. And what could be more memorable than approaching wild animals with a horseback safari?

Finally, one of the most unique and exciting ways to enhance your safari experience is by including a hot air balloon safari.

It is absolutely magical to float above the scenic wilderness, taking in the breathtaking panoramas. The balloon company that we work with closely is committed to offer you the finest balloon safari experience in the safest and most sustainable way. They contribute to carefully selected community and conservation projects including the Serengeti de-snaring project and construction of primary and secondary schools. They invest in solar array instead of using diesel generators and offset their carbon emissions.

The above activities are not only a wonderful way to get to know the real Africa, but also gives us the opportunity to reduce the use of the car where possible. And when there is no other way, we will offset our carbon emissions through Carbon Tanzania.

AMREF Flying Doctors

In your home country, efficient and affordable healthcare is available to everyone and a matter of course. Unfortunately not in Africa. Especially in the remote parts of Tanzania, where you may be traveling to, medical facilities are limited. For this reason, when you travel with Ajabu Adventures you will be automatically covered with AMREF Flying Doctors. This is an Air Ambulance cover that includes 24 hours medical help, evacuation by plane from Tanzania to Kenya and ground ambulance transfer to a renowned hospital in Nairobi.

If you do not need any of the flying doctors assistances, which of course is what we hope for all our guests, the proceeds of your membership will directly fund the AMREF Health Africa. AMREF offers programs that support the local communities in Africa, making necessary care accessible and improve health conditions.

Say no to plastic

Did you know that one plastic water bottle will stay for 450 years before it breaks down completely?

In June 2019, Tanzania decided to ban all plastic carrier bags. A great initiative to fight against the plastic pollution in the country.

But Ajabu Adventures takes it a step further! In the same period we also banned plastic water bottles from our safaris. Providing every traveler with a free sustainable water bottle instead. One that you can refill as often as you like. This way we are saving thousands of plastic bottles from becoming waste.

Local staff

Ajabu Adventures wouldn’t be where we are today without our fantastic team of local safari guides. They are proud of their home country and passionate to introduce you to the beauty of it. When traveling with your private guide, you will experience the destination through his eyes. A great working environment, positive team spirit and fair salaries are therefore imperative.

Our safari guides receive extra wildlife and hospitality training whenever possible and they adhere strict rules to avoid disturbance of wildlife or harming the natural environment. Upon arrival in Tanzania, they will explain to you the Do’s and Dont’s of a safari, to make sure that we are on the same page concerning the safari ethics. Our Safari Rules include among others a “trash in, trash out” policy in all protected areas, no off road driving and observing animals from a respectful distance.

In addition, we offer our other staff members, from the mechanics to the security guards, the opportunity to learn English. We educate them about nature conservation and waste management, and encourage them to share this with their families and neighbors.

Sustainability at our office

Also at our office and in our garage we try to be as green as possible. Working from home was already the norm before Covid-19. If there is need to come to office, our staff share transport as much as possible. We minimalize paper consumption by using primarily digital documents and create online brochures instead of paper ones.

Clean drinking water is being fetched from a natural source and kept in a big container where all staff can tap water from. Moreover, we collect rainwater which can cover our full consumption of water use for the kitchen, toilets, showers etc. And finally, also waste is carefully being separated and recycled.

Have we inspired you with our sustainable projects?

Find out how YOU can contribute as well!
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