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Make your Tanzania safari even more sustainable

No matter what we do, we cannot make the impact that we want without you. And there is a lot you can do yourself, before and during your trip, to contribute in your own way. Here are some practical tips to make your safari more sustainable and greener.

Maasai Lodge by Africa Amini Tanzania
Local woman harvesting vegetables at Gibbs Farm

“What if you could change the world, simply by changing the way you travel?”

— unknown

Economical responsibility

Local arts & crafts
Help us to support the Tanzanian businesses by buying souvenirs from a local craftsmen. It is not only more affordable than in a commercial shopping center but by knowing the person who created it, it will add an extra valuable memory. Moreover, it is the ideal opportunity to test your negotiation skills!

Local restaurant
An all-inclusive beach holiday sounds fabulous. But nothing beats a traditional meal in a local restaurant, where you can have a taste of the local atmosphere and interact with the villagers.

Locally run acommodations
Choose accommodations based on the way they are being run and avoid big hotel(chains) which are often owned by Western investors. Small, local hotels and guesthouses tend to be much more sustainable as they have been built and decorated with local materials.

Small-scale does not mean that luxury is not an option though. The intimate tented camps and lodges often offer just as much as comfort as a large hotel yet with more attention to detail and personal service.

Traditional dancing with Maasai family Yamath in Tanzania
Traveller showing Maasai children photo during Tanzania safari

Social responsibility

You are a guest
Learn about the country, the culture and the traditions before you set off for your safari. This will make it easier to dress appropriately and show respect to the locals. Remember that you are a guest in their country.

Ask questions
Do ask questions and show genuine interest in other cultures. Try to memorize a few words Swahili, the locals will certainly appreciate this. You may be surprised how social interaction will enhance your safari experience.

Keep smiling
Here in Tanzania, time might have a different concept than in your home country, so understand if bringing food to the table takes a little longer than what you are used to. And keep smiling!

Do not take photos of people without asking their permission first.

Do not hand out pens, toys or treats to children as this encourages begging behavior.

Would you still like to give something extra? Then give for example an extra tip to a local employee as a reward for his good service. The salaries are considerably lower and therefore any tip is much appreciated.

Feel free to get in touch with us for more advice about tipping or what to give.

“At the end of the day people won’t remember what you said or did. They will remember how you made them feel.”

— Maya Angelou

Tanzania canoe safari on the Momella Lakes in Arusha National Park
Child on safari in Tanzania with sustainable water bottle from Ajabu Adventures

Environmental responsibility

Slow safari
First of all: travel less often but travel consciously. Do not rush from lodge to lodge and try to tick off the Big 5 in a world record speed. Instead, take to time to discover every aspect of the country by slow traveling. Travel with all your senses, make it meaningful and memorable. And realize that you are at one of the most magical places on earth!

Eco-friendly activities
Include different environmental friendly ways of transport in your safari itinerary, like village walks, mountain bike tours or horseback riding. You will discover that these activities will give you a completely different perspective about the destination and enhance your safari experience.

Water & electricity 
Use water and electricity in a responsible way. Power cuts are not uncommon in Tanzania, so be mindful. Also reuse your towels and only put on the air conditioning when needed.

No plastic
Leave plastic bottles but rather make use of the sustainable water bottle that you will receive from Ajabu Adventures. You can refill your water bottle in the car, but also many of the lodges where you will be staying offer this option.

Direct flight
Opt for a direct flight to Tanzania and with a relatively new plane. This will significantly reduce the amount of CO2 emissions.

Compensate your flight
Offset the carbon emission for your international flight. With only an extra US $20 per person you will already compensate a direct return flight from Europe to Kilimanjaro Airport, which produces about 1.8 tonnes of carbon dioxide per passenger. You can do this through our partner Carbon Tanzania, so that the proceeds directly benefit the conservation of Tanzanian forests.

Travel light
Pack light; you usually can do with much less than you think. Consult our Safari Packing List for practical tips so you can travel comfortably during your safari in Tanzania.

Walking safari while watching wildlife from a respectful distance in Serengeti National Park
Giving way to a giraffe in Lake Manyara National Park on a private safari

Safari ethics

Leave only your footprints
Help our safari guides to limit rubbish as much as possible. Leave nothing but your own footprints and take all your waste back with you.

Do not encourage your safari guide to do things that are unethical or may harass wildlife.

Enjoy quietly
Keep your voice down when you are near wildlife. Do not call out or make sudden movements in order to attract their attention. Just be patient and remember that even Sir David Attenborough needed years to film ‘Africa’ for the BBC Wildlife Series.

No souvenirs from the wild
Do not take souvenirs from the wild, such as remainders of animals. They are part of nature and do belong here.

Surprising nature
Remember that it is a privilege to see wildlife in their natural habitat. We therefore simply cannot guarantee which animals you will see or where. Leave your expectations open and be surprised.

Do's & Don'ts
At the start of your safari, your guide will explain you more about the Do’s and Don’ts and will share with you our safari rules.

Are you ready to design your ultimate Tanzania safari in a responsible way?

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