The most beautiful safari lodges, tented camps and beach hotels

Safari and Beach Accommodation

The choice of your accommodation is essential during your private safari.
Not only the comfort of a safari lodge or tented camp but also the location is of great importance, especially if you want to witness the Wildebeest Migration in the Serengeti. Being at the right spot at the right time is key.
In addition, you deserve a good night's sleep so you can continue your safari adventure the next morning well rested.

Tanzania boasts a collection of fantastic and exceptional safari accommodation. In and outside the nature parks, hospitable, small-scale and with traditional African touches. Many of the hotels and lodges have a swimming pool. If not, panoramic views certainly make up for this.

And can you think of a better way than to end the day with a drink by the campfire and a delicious meal under the stars?

While designing your safari we carefully select the accommodations that would be most suitable for you.

Our top criteria for your overnight stay:

  • Quality accommodations, approved and visited by our own team
  • Small-scale with personal service
  • Situated at a unique location, surrounded by space and nature
  • Sustainable and locally owned or directly benefiting local communities
  • Treating their own staff and our safari guides well
  • Excellent value for money

Glamping in the wilderness

Who says camping is basic and uncomfortable? The tented camps we choose for your trip feature spacious safari tents with a comfortable bed, a private bathroom with shower and toilet and an outdoor seating area. The main difference from a hotel are the canvas walls. This will make your African bush experience even more intense and you might even hear lions roaring at night! You will have breakfast and dinner in a large "mess tent" with a choice of African and Western dishes, either buffet style or a-la-carte. 


A pick of our most favourite tented camps:

Tortilis Camps
Lemala Nanyukie Lodge
Entara Camps
Nimali Camps

Safari lodges and hotels

If you wish, you can combine the tented camps with hotels and safari lodges. These accommodations have a more permanent character. Apart from a separate restaurant and bar area, they often feature a swimming pool as well.

Some of our most favorite hotels and lodges:

Arusha Villa
Gibb’s Farm
Manyara’s Secret
Maasai Lodge by Africa Amini Tanzania
Africa Amini Maasai Lodge

Barefoot luxury at the beach

At Zanzibar, the choice of beach accommodation is wider than on safari. From cozy guesthouses and intimate boutique hotels to luxury resorts. From being located at a lively beach with plenty of restaurants and bars, to a more secluded tropical paradise with ultimate privacy. There is something for everyone’s taste and budget!  


A small selection of our favorite beach resorts:

Baraza Resort & Spa
Next Paradise Boutique Resort
Baladin Beach Hotel
Tulia Zanzibar

Curious about the accommodation options?

Are you curious about the accommodation options for your private safari adventure in Tanzania? Let us advise you!
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