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Zanzibar, Mafia & Pemba

Zanzibar, Mafia & Pemba


Zanzibar Island

Zanzibar is the largest and best known of the three islands, in particular for its tropical nature and exotic appearance. It is a mixture of multiracial and multicultural backgrounds, which makes Stone Town a fascinating historic center. The coast of Zanzibar has impressive beaches which offer plenty of opportunities for surfers, snorkelers, divers and sunbathers. Still not sure what to do at Zanzibar? Contact us and we will share our Top 10 things to do to enjoy the best of the island!


Pemba Island

Pemba Island is hilly, green and fertile, and dominated by small scale farming and fishing. The island is in terms of tourism the least developed of the three islands and the most unspoiled. Nonetheless, it is Pemba Island that offers world-class diving and snorkeling sites. There is magic in Pemba, not only because the island is a local center of spirituality, but also because of the warm friendly people.


Mafia Island

Mafia Island has lush vegetation, coconut and cashew plantations, and small and friendly agricultural farming and fishing villages. Although the beaches are not as heavenly as in Zanzibar, it is known for having one of the most interesting marine ecosystems and coral reefs in the world.

Thanks to the abundance of plankton, the waters draw a population of Whale Sharks between September and February. Also Humpback Whales pass Mafia Island while migrating with their calves between August and October. Don’t miss the chance of snorkeling with the largest fish in the sea which is a truly magical experience while staying at the small, unspoiled paradise of Mafia Island!

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