10 things we don’t offer for your safari adventure to Tanzania

Like other safari companies we can boast about how much we have to offer. The fantastic encounters you otherwise would miss out on. How great our guides are and everything that we do to make your holiday such an unbelievable safari experience.

But let’s not do that. Let’s talk about what we actually DON’T offer!

In search for wildlife during a private safari in Tanzania

1. No Wi-Fi in our safari vehicles

Daily life is hectic and demanding enough. So during this short period of time we want you to truly connect with the African bush. Allow yourself to take a break from the digital world and live in the moment. Enjoy with all your senses. And be fully present amidst the breathtaking landscapes and wildlife encounters.

2. No limit on driven mileage

Unlike a lot of safari operators, we don’t believe in restricting your experiences based on arbitrary mileage limits. Every journey is unique and we want you and your safari guide to have the freedom to venture off the beaten path and follow the rhythms of the wilderness.

3. No radio in our safari vehicles

While many safari cars are equipped with radio systems for drivers to communicate with each other, we rather avoid the constant noise of chatter that comes in. More importantly, we prioritize spontaneity, allowing our guides to choose their own route based on their expertise and intuition.

Concerned that you may miss out on amazing wildlife encounters because of this? Odds are great that the others will be missing out while you stumble on a pride of lions or lonesome cheetah and can enjoy watching them all by yourself!

Lonesome cheetah on the look out for a prey at the Serengeti plains

4. No cheap prices to persuade you to book with us

Let’s be honest, a private safari to Tanzania comes at a cost. And with such an investment, your holiday should be absolutely perfect. We are not going to cut corners to offer you the lowest price possible, risking compromising the quality of your trip and therefore your safari experience.

We are not going to skimp on the service of our cars, at the risk of leaving you with a breakdown en route. We won’t suggest budget or low-rated accommodations to you, but select the lodges for your itinerary with utmost care. What we do do is paying our team of guides a fair salary and motivate them, so you are sure of having one of the best safari guides behind the wheel.

5. No fixed safari packages

We don’t believe in one-size-fits all safari experiences. Each trip with us is unique and will be tailored to your individual interest, preferences and budget. Whether you’re a wildlife enthusiast or birdwatcher, we center your wishes and craft the itinerary around those. That is why we always make time for an introductory call to get to know you better. And why personal service is key to us.

6. No plastic water bottles

Unfortunately we still see many plastic water bottles in and outside safari vehicles. We said goodbye to those plastic bottles 6 years ago already and replaced them with a personalized sustainable water bottle. One that you can refill in the car unlimitedly. And which you can of course take home to continue your sustainable journey.

Remote winding road along Lake Natron in Tanzania

7. No beaten path

We don’t follow the beaten path to overcrowded tourist hotspots. Of course we understand that you may want to visit the most iconic attractions such as the Ngorongoro Crater and witness the Great Migration. But there is more than one way that leads to the heart of the Serengeti!

Where other safari companies go right, we go left. Seeking out the hidden corners and secret gems that lie off the beaten track. And those unexpected encounters will stay with you for a long time.

8. No commercial outings

While on safari you may see beautifully decorated Maasai boma’s (villages) and modern buildings stuffed with African souvenirs. Of course it is tempting to stop here. But we rather don’t.

Instead, we prefer to ignore those commercial places and give you a glimpse into the life of one of the most friendly Maasai families that we know: the Yamath family. Their boma might not be as big as those along the road, and the welcome might not be as lavish. But the experience is many times more authentic and memorable.

And to top this up, wouldn’t you rather buy a souvenir from a local craftsman, where bargaining is still part of the buying experience, instead of purchasing a dime a dozen in a shiny shop?

9. No harassing of wildlife

This may be obvious but you will be surprised how often a safari guide is asked to get (too) close to an elephant or lion for a better view. How some guides will easily drive off road, just to give their clients the ‘perfect’ photo.

Even though we will do everything we can to accommodate your needs, we hold firm to the principle of responsible wildlife viewing. Going on a Tanzania safari means observing wild animals from a respectful distance. After all, you are a guest in their natural habitat.
When traveling with us, you join our mission to conserve the heritage of Tanzania before it may vanish.

Picnic in the middle of the bush in Serengeti with Ajabu Adventures


10. No rushed picnic breaks

Picture this: after a long morning of sitting in the safari vehicle in search of wildlife, it’s time for lunch. Your guide drives you to one of the crowded picnic spots in the park – after all, it’s lunch time – where luckily you still find the last free table. You tuck into your lunch box, take some sips from your juice box, pass the toilet building quickly and 20 minutes later you are back in the car.

But did you know that picnic stops can actually elevate your safari experience? Whereby your guide carefully selects a scenic spot under a tree. He brings and unfolds your chairs. He sets your table with an African styled tablecloth. He pours fresh French press coffee. You are in the middle of the bush, savoring not only your picnic meal but precious moments of tranquility and serenity.

And how about ending the day with a romantic sundowner? Enjoying a G&T or glass of wine while staring out over the wide open plains as the sun sets. These are the special moments when you feel the essence of Africa.

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